Jennifer Zachmeier Photography | About
Hey there! Thank you for checking out my page! My photography business has been a very heart-felt and personal journey for me. The funny thing is, there was never a day where I said, "Hey, I am going to start a business." It was supposed to be a little "hobby." Something I did once in a while.

However, with the humbling support of my community, my little "hobby" grew into something that I never expected at an astronomical rate! So many great people believed in me - when I didn't even believe in myself. I had just lost my Dad to cancer and needed something to occupy my thoughts, something to keep me busy. My very first clients gave me the best gift anyone could give someone: a chance. A chance to grow. A chance to learn. A chance to get better.

Soon, my business consumed my life in a way that, most likely, all true passions do. Fast forward: 2 studios and 4 cameras later! Not one day goes by where someone doesn't stop me on the street or at the mall to ask me about my photos or to simply tell me they enjoy them. Not one day goes by that I don't notice beauty in places I never paid attention to before. Those big puffy clouds. Blue, blue skies. An old dirt road. A lonely tree. I can't pass an antique store anymore, for fear of missing out on a cool vintage chair. I can never look at a basket without asking myself, "Would a baby look cute in here?" I never photograph a wedding without thinking of my own wedding day. And I most certainly never photograph a family without thinking of my Dad.

I specialize in Natural Light Photography, which is considered by many photographers to be the best type of lighting because it encompasses the entire light spectrum. Natural, warm sunlight gives a stunning special effect that makes eyes sparkle and skin glow!

I like traditional photos with a modern twist.

I love boutique wedding photography with polished images. It's no coincidence that my brides are always the most beautiful! (Have you SEEN them!?)

I enjoy making seniors look COOL. And different!

I adore those cuddly, sweet Sleeping Babies!

Ah, heck. I just love all my sessions! Thank you again for stopping by! Please check out my Facebook page and drop me a note if you have any questions!